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My Not-Writing Anniversary And Cow Endorsement

Hi everyone! I’m a little early for my two-year anniversary of not writing here, but Not-Writing Anniversaries should be celebrated for longer than one exact day. Two years is a long time. It’s enough time to get a pixie cut and grow it out again. That should be a real measure of time and distance. […]

His Love Endures Forever

It’s been a long time. A long time of not writing; of silence. The last time I shared, I was sitting. There was pain and winter and sitting. The pain continued, and the sitting sat, and the surgery happened, and then there was more pain. I don’t share it with many, but for the curious, […]

The Joy Of Sitting Is In Details

Sometimes I disappear. For a few days or weeks things feel dark and heavy, and I become a turtle. I don’t say much on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t return calls or texts without hesitation. I don’t feel like visiting. Very literally, I cover up with this fleece Patagonia turtle blanket. Sometimes it’s just a […]

Bitch, That Was Your Last Excuse

This afternoon when my boss gave me the afternoon off, out of nowhere, I thought, “Bitch, that was your last excuse.” Let me rewind a bit. Just yesterday, while thinking about exercising and getting fit, I ate half a box of Girl Scout Caramel Delites. Then I felt sorry for myself because my stomach hurt. […]

You and Me and Andromeda Galaxy

Have you ever been caught off-guard by something that just floored you, made your arm hairs stand on end, made you cry, made you wonder why you exist, and made you wonder at the miracle of your existence all at the same time? I had one of those moments yesterday. Earlier this month, NASA released […]

First Monday 2015

New Year’s day was last Thursday, but the luckiest people got that day and Friday off of work, plus the weekend, and are just now facing the reality of a new year: The First Monday. Setting the alarm for an ungodly hour, pulling kids’ covers off of their grumpy bodies, heading back to work after […]

HONY, Messy Beliefs, Beautiful People

This tumblog came out on Humans of New York on June 29th, and I think about it for an hour a day. It makes me so sad, confused, mad, and thankful. Sad, because a man let men’s words convolute his belief system. Confused, because nothing he says lines up with the Bible. Wouldn’t an ordained […]

Who Would Be Your Bridesmaids Today?

If you had to choose a set of bridesmaids right now–whether you’re married or not, just go with me here–who would you choose? I think I’d have 7 people, and few of them know each other. Even though I don’t talk to them all the time, each person represents what I see as a chapter […]

Super Hero Shoes

The day we bought these shoes, he studied the rows of kicks and his eyes lit up at these Super Heroes. Thank goodness they’re slip-ons. Running, sliding, pedaling, sprinkler water, dog poo, mud, sand, dirt, blood, shoe flying off the swing, lost one, found one, dangling from a sleeping boy’s feet when I lift him […]

Jeannette’s Pier

I’ve heard of people who decide to start a blog and create a website in an afternoon, but I’m not such a person. I was inspired to start a blog 4 years ago, and then again 2 years ago and one year ago, and over and over I froze and felt lost again. A year […]